Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What shall this title be?

Running out of titles for posts here:)

Layout time. This one is with that lovely tree paper from Studio Calico that I was hoarding. When I make layouts now a days I usually use plain card stock as the background, but this paper is too hard to cut up and use. I had to use it in all of its glory.

This one is of me and Will while visiting he Moma last Spring for the Tim Burton exhibit. After viewing the exhibit we decided to browse the rest of the Moma because it had been quite awhile since both of us just took some time to enjoying the artwork that is living there. We both got pictures of us looking at some of our favorite pieces, and well there you have it.

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amytangerine said...

best paper ever!
i have a hard time with titles too!

Danielle said...

this is gorgeous! LOVE the flower you made and yep.. that paper def should be used in its full glory! great work! love your blog! xo Danielle

Elisa P. said...

love this page